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Sunday, April 15, 2007

A little sun, a little snow ~ an awful lot like April

A moose we met on our drive home from town the other day. (Or was it the other week :) Time flies and it's hard to believe it's the middle of April already!
It’s been an off again on again weekend on the meadow as far as sunshine goes, but full of birds and wildlife and the antics of our lambs of course.
A lone moose arrived and hung about in the meadow yesterday, not the same moose we met on the road. Our meadow moose had a very blonde head.
We watched a pair of nesting harriers fend off the advances of a golden eagle this morning. That was quite a show and one of the only times we've seen both harrier's at once.
Most of our wildflowers will stay tucked underground for awhile yet but we have an ever increasing crop of dandelions and they are a welcome harbinger of spring. The pussywillows are about to burst forth all along the edges of the creek and surrounding the meadow! The Canada Geese make themselves at home.
It is getting on 6oclock and time to warm up the wood stove and think about what to make for dinner. Till next time ~ here's hoping spring is arriving on your doorstep too.

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Hildred said...

Dear Nicky and David,

Wonderful to have your pictures and a peep into your days. Waiting with great patience for June! Love the colours in your meadow where the geese have stopped to rest.