The Homestone

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Baby in the grass

At the height of summer we had an estimated 500 swallows around the house and yard... now we're down to 10 or 20 at most. There are two nests with late August babies. One of those nests is just over the kitchen window and we found this little swallow in the grass the other day. David gently placed her back in her nest and she hovered on the edge of it for about an hour and finally snuggled back in with her siblings. Success!! The other nest is inside the tiny old log shack that serves as winter quarters for the sheep. It's amazing to watch the swallow parents swoop in and out of the little shack ~ navigating the wire, the doorways and the low roof.

We had a visit from an owl last night. In the moonlight we could only make out his profile as he perched on the fence post just outside the kitchen. We heard him for hours as he 'bless his need for feed' took out some of the rodents who are in ample supply this time of year.

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