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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Frog and rainbow

We've had some rain. Some great glorious downpours. It's a 'Thank you God and all our angels" kind of situation. We appreciate everyones prayers and those who have sent visions of rain clouds in our direction. Cindi (of Cindi and Jim; a couple who are currently designing wood rings) wrote from New Mexico today to tell us she had been to the Zuni Pueblo and shopped for Fetishes. She specifically bought a frog (rain image) with us in mind. Many thanks Cindi! Speaking of frogs, this little fellow David and I met on our wander this afternoon. We told him he was going to appear on our blog and he didn't seem to mind a bit. It's a cool Sunday evening. The hummingbirds are still consuming great quantities of sugar water. About a quart a day on average. There are wild flowers everywhere right now - thanks to the rain the last few days. Our little flock of sheep are looking so fine! Must update some pics of them tomorrow.

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