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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The stormy days of May

The oldtimers are predicting a hot dry summer. It's greening up around here right now and the hay fields are still very wet. It's bears, birds and cloudy skies... Lots of bears around right now. We haven't seen any on the meadow but there was a calling card at the top of the drive the other day. Lots of bear sightings on the road to town lately. We've got a good tight place with lots of fencing but we keep our eyes open as we do have what might be considered a tasty smorgasboard of sheep here. We're still getting a good frost about every third morning so it barely feels like spring most days. The meadow and fields are awash with the bright yellow heads of dandelions and that's about it for spring flowers thus far. Birds! Hundreds of birds. Swallows and blackbirds and cowbirds, Canada Geese and swarms of hummingbirds who are feasting on the high test sugar water we supply for them. The cowbirds are constant companions to the sheep. Riding them like floats in a parade. Our little ewe lam 'Bella has become terribly independent. She's off on her own grazing and barely concerned about her mom's whereabouts these days. There's a storm brewing out there... Time to shut off the power till the lightening passes. Time to refill the hummingbirds sugar water.

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