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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Still winter in this neck of the woods

A couple of pics from our latest trip to town... It's still winter in this neck of the woods. Our resident moose posed for us on our way up the hill - her young'un was not so keen to be photographed and took off to hide in the bushes. Our good news ~ 'The Mrs' gave birth to a healthy ewe lamb on March 9th. We've named her 'Bella' since she was born on Isabella's birthday. Here she is just 15 minutes old with her 'very good' Mom. The Mrs is a natural; patient and calm. This next pic is Bella at about 30 hours... we moved the two of them into a makeshift shelter in the shop where they'll stay for a week or two till it warms up a bit outside. The shop has a wood heater and a big bright window ... life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Hello from your cousin Donna, Dave (although I can't get used to the change from Lyle)

It's nice to see some more pictures of your neck of the woods. You take great pictures Nicola.

It is great that you have a blog - I discovered blogs during the election and have been addicted every since so I will add yours to the list.

Just wanted to say hello.

Cousin Donna Hanson