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Sunday, January 01, 2006

January 1st, 2006

We are the only two human beings for miles around. It should have been a quiet new year's day on the meadow but instead we had a steady stream of welcome visitors. Here we are on this new years day and there arrives on the meadow not one, but two moose !! 'Our' two moose... A very welcome sight!! About 2 months ago, a cowboy friend from down the way had told us that a hunter had shot a moose about 3 miles from our place. We were sure it was one of our 'resident' moose because since then we had seen only one of them. Then, there they were this morning - the two of them, looking healthy, and happlily munching on willow bushes at the edge of the meadow. Yipee!! Not 10 minutes later we watched our 'resident' coyote wander out into the field pouncing on field mice as he likes to do, nearly every day in the winter . . . then, his partner showed up at the edge of the meadow!! We haven't seen the two of them together before! We had seen the one coyote calling and answering and we've heard them howling many a night but this was a rare sight. The two horses that are sharing the place with us this winter like to play games with the wildlife ~ they are quite comical. We had two ravens visit today as well, first one then the other landed in the middle of the meadow and proceeded to take long and luxurious baths in the snow. Just like chickens taking a dust bath. One of them spent a great deal of time over with the horses, bathing close by and conversing, we're sure. We feel so blessed by the company of these birds and animals . . . and what a magical start to the new year.

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