The Homestone

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Critter Count

A picture we took tonight at about 8pm from the porch. Here is one of 83 swallows we just counted perched along the fence. And some notes from David tonight at 1:45 am . . . Wildlife count - About 10 oclock this morning the mated pair of redtailed hawks flew all the way across the meadow, the lead hawk burdened down by something almost larger than he/she could carry, followed by the excited mate all the way back to the nest high in the tree on the bench above our house. Next a great blue heron flew down the creek landing on the old bridge about a hundred yards from the kitchen window. In the late afternoon a doe quietly browsed her way down the creek that runs by the house, totally unconcerned about our presence or the presence of our dogs. All this amidst a constant flurry of swallows, hummingbirds and blackbirds punctuated with occasional giant circle of an eagle which called a temporary all quiet to the meadow several times today. The heron appeared twice more during the day floating lazily down the creek looking for lunch then dinner. And that's just what we noticed in our busy day.

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